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We have built learning and help materials for:             [Click each to expand and show detail of client projects done]

International Paper, Memphis, Tennessee (1)

CBT for SAP R/3 Business Process for Credit Card transaction interfacing.   -

SPS International, Mauritius (1)

CBT for SAP R/3 Add-on Application managing Credit Card transaction processing.


1. CBT and on-line Help for a Court Scheduling System.
2. 36 Technical Documents for Distribution Services distribution software.


Customs Coaching, Johannesburg (1)

"Customs and Excise" Import and Export Declaration e-Learning Tool.  -

Mint Net (Pty) Ltd. Johannesburg (1)

Printed User Manual for a SharePoint Client Marketing Management Tool   -

Sportware Dynamic Systems (Pty) Ltd. Johannesburg (1)

User Manual for a Bookmaker Wagering Management System.  -

Travelogic, Cape Town (3)

1. User Manual for Tour Operator software.

2. Web-based Software Simulation Tutorials for Tour Operator software.

3. Browser-based Q and A support system for classroom-based training.


Progress Data Services, Johannesburg (1)

User Manual for a Share Management and Trading Analysis software application.   -

Attix5, Johannesburg (12)

Twelve separate User Manuals for an Enterprise Backup System covering different OS platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux.  -

Integrity Software, Johannesburg (2)

1. User Manual for a Retail Management system.

2. User Manual for a Distribution Management system.

Vesta Technologies, Johannesburg (3)

1. User Manual for Municipal Financial Management System.

2. Repeat project to update new developments.

3. Repeat project to update online help to latest developments.

SizaInfo (Developers), Cape Town (6)

1. Full on-line User Manual for the Secure Information Portal.

2. Printed Quick Guide for the Secure Information Portal.

3. Mobile Phone On-line Help for the Mobile Secure Information Portal.

4. Printed Quick Guide for the Mobile Secure Information Portal.

5. On-line and Printed versions of the Uploader application. 

6. On-line and Printed versions of the DocLoad application.


SD Key (Pty) Ltd. Cape Town (1)

Full User Manual for an online Data synchronising tool.  -

Formidable Media Ltd. Hertfordshire, UK (10)

1. A set of 5 full User Manuals for a series of online Media Sharing and Licensing Applications.

2. A set of 5 Tutorial videos.


Cibecs (Pty) Ltd. Johannesburg (4)

1. PDF-based User Manual for an enterprise Backup solution for Desktops and Notebooks.

2. PDF-based Getting Started and Upgrade guides.

3. Online wiki-based Knowledgebase.

4. Updates of all documentation to the latest version 5.


Blackbelt Smartphone Defence Ltd. UK (1)

User Manual for the DataWipe application.  -

Shemesh Health Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Johannesburg (8)

1. A set of 7 Video Tutorials to support a Visual Acuity Chart testing application.

2. Developed new website for this client using the latest responsive templates.


Lightstone (Pty) Ltd. Johannesburg (1)

Product functional demo video - Spatial data and statistical modelling solutions   -

EnterpriseWorx (Pty) Ltd. Johannesburg (1)

Developed an online User Manual for an advanced database management solution which permits organisations to efficiently manage and synchronise a large number of Microsoft databases across several SQL servers, including those databases which are dispersed over a large geographic area.


GuruHut (Pty) Ltd. Johannesburg (1)

Developed an online User Manual using Atlassian Confluence for an online Time Management system.  -

Octagon (Pty) Ltd. Johannesburg (2)

Developed an embedded help system and a PDF document User Manual for an online Master Data Verification system in the financial credit & risk arena.  -

Discovery Holdings Johannesburg (19)

Proofread & Edited a complete set of IT related process documents.  -


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