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When you contract with me to develop a software user documentation project, you may want to be kept abreast of progress. I provide a simple means to monitor the progress of your project using a web-published timesheet.

I capture time spent on your project into specifically designed timesheet. I have found that using a web-based project management tool to be an overkill and also time-consuming.

Access Your Project Progress Spreadsheet

Firstly, I will publish a regular PDF version of an Excel-based timesheet to the Afour website against your personal login credentials.
I will then set up a user account with your own username and password to view the timesheet. 

Finally, all you need to do is click the Project Timesheets option in the Projects > Client Project Apps menu to access the portal. 

You will be requested for your Username and Password.  



There is no training to use the portal. The project tasks are presented to you directly when the timesheet is displayed, so you will see all the necessary information immediately. You do not need to update or edit any data, the timesheet is merely available for you to monitor progress.
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