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All development work will only commence on receipt of the down-payment of a deposit plus a signed copy of the submitted agreement/proposal or a signed fully defined work order based on the Afour agreement, and both signed by a duly authorised representative of your company.

By submitting the agreement or work order you also agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions (the "Terms and Conditions").



The general provisions are:

    • I provide a warranty period (scheduled on contract) on all of my deliverables following the delivery date of work to a maximum of 2 days per project month. If you find an issue with the work I have done for you, during any of the mid-project review periods and within the prescribed warranty period, I’ll make the change for free. Keep in mind that this does not include items of work that were not included in the original contract and statement of work. Any work done after the warranty period will be charged for at the going rate.
    • A cancellation of the project at any time will render all monies already paid non-refundable and all outstanding milestone invoices payable.
    • All outstanding amounts payable by the Customer shall be paid on receipt of the Invoice. All delays in production not caused by Afour Intelligent Solutions shall not extend the final payment due date.
    • Changes to the specification or design, after the commencement of development, will be additionally charged for accordingly. The client will be made aware of this.
    • Afour Intelligent Solutions retains the right to change the charge rate without prior notice.
    • Afour Intelligent Solutions retains the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice.


The development provisions are:

      • The work order and agreement together shall provide all the requirements, scope of project, legal terms and conditions associated with the project.
      • The mutually agreed period of the project from consultation to installation will be advised and inserted at signature to the proposal or work order.


All proposals and estimates are valid for a 7-day period only.



The payment provisions are:

      • I believe that fixed-fee pricing is best for both you and for me. For most projects, I strongly suggest a fixed fee, but I do perform work on projects on a Retainer or Time & Material—hourly—basis.
        • Fixed-fee works best on longer term projects that are more complex with well-defined requirements and schedules.
        • Time & Material, or hourly billing, works best when you have a short-term project, such as a document, blog, white paper or updates to previous projects that you want me to edit and publish.
        • Retainer, or pre-booked monthly billing, works best when you have an ongoing project, such as incremental updates and additions to current or previous projects that you want me to create, edit and publish.
      • For short-term, fixed-fee projects—one to three months—I require a 50% down payment and will invoice you at monthly milestone intervals, the last of which occurs at the conclusion of our project.  
      • For longer term, fixed-fee projects—longer than three months— I typically require a 25% down payment and will invoice you at monthly milestone intervals, the last of which occurs at the conclusion of our project. 
      • For any international project, the required down payment is 50% with invoicing taking place at monthly milestone intervals.
      • A project will only commence or continue once all payments have been received.


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