Afour Technical Communication can also produce SCORM compliant rapid e-learning courseware for your software application training which is ready for implementation into a Learner Management (LMS) solution.

Take a look at this optional cloud-based LMS system 
Use the following credentials:
USER: jsmith
PSW: jsmith

NOTE: The above recommendation is just that, so you may want to implement an alternative open-source or commercial LMS solution.

What is an LMS solution?

A learning management system (LMS) is an application that may be hosted in the cloud or locally, for delivering, tracking, and managing software training or software certifications. LMS systems range from managing training records to distributing courses over the Internet and offering features for online collaboration.
In many instances, a corporate training department would purchase or install an open-source LMS to automate record-keeping as well as the registration of employees or users for classroom and online courses:
  • Student self-service (e.g. self-registration on instructor-led training)
  • Training workflow (e.g. user notification, manager approval, wait-list management)
  • The provision of on-line learning (e.g. Computer-Based Training, read, understand & apply)
  • On-line assessment, management of continuous professional education (CPE)
  • Collaborative learning (e.g. application sharing, discussion threads)
  • Training resource management (e.g. instructors, facilities, equipment) are dimensions to Learning Management Systems


The characteristics of an LMS include:

  • Manage users, roles, courses, instructors, and facilities and generate reports
  • Course calendar
  • Learning Path
  • Student messaging and notifications
  • Assessment/testing capable of handling student pre- and post-testing
  • Display scores and transcripts
  • Grading of coursework and roster processing, including wait listing
  • Web-based or blended course delivery