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A knowledge base (KB) is a technology used to store complex structured and unstructured information. The initial use of the term was related to expert systems which were the first knowledge-based systems.

The term 'knowledge-base' is used to describe a system that consists of information that is represented by facts, data, e-books, references, policies, documents about the business processes, methods and other general knowledge that define rules and other forms of logic to deduce new facts or highlight inconsistencies. 

A further extension to the knowledge-base is the Document Management System (DMS) which is used to store and manage printable digital documents.

You can view our example of a secure open-source Document Management System (DMS) external-link-ltr.
Please use the following credentials to login to the DMS.
User: jsmith
Password: jsmith 


Keep in mind that the above systems are purely of demonstrative and introductory value only. You or your company may elect to use alternative professional or enterprise versions to suit your environment more closely.
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