Software user documentation keeps evolving

While user documentation can be challenging, with the right expertise, it offers opportunities for improving efficiency, quality, compliance, and usability.  

What your users get!


User Guides


Multi-channel user products such as online help or embedded guides & user manuals, mobile and other support guides even for the most advanced intuitive UX design.

Learning Aids

Integrated visual materials such as video walk-through tutorials or interactive e-learning instruction to train or certify your users in using or supporting your software.

Knowledge Aids

KnowledgeAids Thin2
Integrated links to access business policy & procedure support literature (e.g. ITIL) and other reading aids relevant while using your software.


What's in it for you?



Satisfied users

Make your user’s experience with your software positive and productive.

TimeMoney Thin

Save Time & Money

Reduce your support activities. Empower your users to find their own answers when using your software.

BrandValue Thin

Enhance your Brand Value

Make it simple and pleasant for your users to use your software with unintrusive documentation.

EffectiveDocs Thin

Effective documentation

Your users benefit from easy to read, easy to understand and easy to find information in the document. Simply let users help themselves.

KnowledgeAids Thin

Knowledge Aids

Provide your users with access to business knowledge related to the software. How to use the software in the context of the business processes.


Software Training

Learning materials available for ever-present training of new and current users.
Visual learning is a fast-track method to knowledge and competence.



Consider the following



Well constructed documentation will enhance your users' experience with your software applications

Use my services as a sub-contractor to create your documentation
Develop improved brand value
Save time and money on support functions


Use my independent Technical Writing services to develop your software documentation, if:

Your software changes frequently.
Simply use my services on retainer when needed to update your documentation.
This will reduce your overheads.
All you have to do is make your updates available to me when necessary.


Even if you don't offer documentation to your clients, because they choose to do it themselves, you could:

Add it to your client proposal upfront and have the documentation created as you develop the application or
Just extend my services on to your client as an alternative solution.


If you are at a distant location:

Telecommuting is a solution here.
Technical writing is a profession that is well suited to telecommuting because it does not require a desk or space at your offices.
All communication can be done via tools such as VPN, Skype, Teamviewer, Email, Cloud services or just the humble telephone.


What my clients are saying!

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