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User assistance is a general term for guided assistance to a user of a software product. The phrase incorporates all forms of help available to a user including visuals aids like video tutorials or software simulations. Assistance can also be presented in the form of interactive simulations to help the user perform procedures or step users through the procedure, depending on the question that the user asked. The term is broader than online help and can include online learner management systems.

Afour creates single-source online help deliveries from a single source of information to multiple formats, such as: HTML, HTML5,CHM, XML, PDF, Mobile, Knowledgebase, Wikis, FAQs, eLearning and Printed material.

My focus is to ensure that your software products are easy to use and that your users are not frustrated during the learning process.

My goal is to provide your user with instruction that is well written, searchable with information that is easy-to-find, easy-to-read and helpful!